Friday, January 14, 2005

Matt's Back

In a stunning announcement, Matt Leinart has decided to return to USC for his senior season. Color us surprised but cheerful. Either decision was a winner for Matt, but we gladly welcome him back to USC for what should be an amazing senior season.

He has a strong chance at becoming the greatest quarterback in NCAA history. More on that down the road. For now, we'll introduce you to the 2005-2006 USC offense, an offense that should be among the best in history.

QB-Matt Leinart-SR
TB-Reggie Bush-JR or LenDale White-JR
FB-Brandon Hancock-JR or David Kirtman-SR
WR-Dwayne Jarrett-SO or Whitney Lewis-SO
TE-Dominique Byrd-SR
OT-Sam Baker-SO or Taitusi Lutui-SR
OG-Jeff Byers SO
C-Ryan Kalil-JR
OG-Fred Matua-JR
OT-Winston Justice-JR or Kyle Williams-JR
WR-Steve Smith-JR or Chris McFoy-JR

Also, expect a handful of redshirt freshman to have a major impact, as well as some incoming recruits, namely at least one local receiver and potentially a superstar national recruit.

That is an offense filled with superstars and talented veterans who are still young and improving (SO/JR types). The offensive line is now experienced and has some depth and a first-round talent to welcome to the fold in Winston Justice. The same with the receivers, who now add a potential superstar in Whitney Lewis. There is starting depth now along the offensive line (very rare!) and receiver (McFoy). These are excellent ingredients for a strong offensive run after a successful but frustrating 2004-2005 campaign. Exciting times at USC!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Matt's Stats

Matt Leinart's Final 20004-2005 Statistics

269 Completions
412 Attempts
.653 Completion Percentage
3322 Yards
33 Touchdowns
6 Interceptions
69 Long Competion
3 Rush Touchdowns
156.54 Passing Efficiency

Updated Career Statistics
25-1 Record
2 National Championships
1 Heisman Trophy

524 Completions
814 Attempts
.644 Completion Percentage
71 Touchdowns (1 shy of USC record held by Carson Palmer)
15 Interceptions
6,878 Yards
160.45 College Efficiency Rating
112.33 Adjusted NFL Efficiency Rating

Projected Career Statistics
This projection is based on a straight extrapolation of Matt's current pace onto a career spanning his current 26 games plus next season's expected 11 regular season games, 1 TBA game and 1 bowl game (total 39 games)-

786 Completions
1221 Attempts
.644 Completion Percentage
107 Touchdowns
23 Interceptions (4.7:1 TD/INT ratio!)
10,317 Yards

Those are amazing career totals, especially for just three full seasons. By comparison, Carson Palmer participated in a total of 5 college seasons due to injury.

Of course, given Matt's well-documented limitations this season (new offensive line, no Mike Williams or Keary Colbert, young receivers, several injured offensive starters, elbow injury), we expect next year's numbers to easily surpass those he achieved this championship season. Thus, his career projection is likely to improve in every category listed, barring injury.

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

That's the question on everyone's mind. We wish Matt Leinart the absolute best no matter what decision he makes. He's worked to put himself in this position, he deserves to make a pressure-free choice.

Both options are incredible ones for himself. He'll probably be one of the top picks if not THE top pick in the NFL draft if he leaves school, and if not, he'll come back on a loaded team set for a repeat, with a Heisman and two national championships already in hand, and set to establish himself as the greatest quarterback in NCAA history. He is on pace for over 100 touchdowns (top 5 all-time), 67% completion percentage, 2-3 titles, 1-2 Heismans, and 10,000 yards. Unbelivable numbers, and a career record among the best to ever play. All in 3 seasons.

Matt's Orange Bowl Performance

Let's keep this short and sweet. Matt Leinart was outstanding against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. He gave hope and swagger to a successful yet mixed up USC offense, especially in the game's first half. The Trojan coaches changed their tendencies, and had Matt rolling out, and rolling his pocket, for much of the game. It was risky, but it worked, giving Leinart a clear view of the field and time to hit his receivers on deeper routes than they have grown accustomed to this season.

The results were spectacular. Leinart at one point threw three consecutive touchdown passes (five total) and capitalized on Oklahoma turnovers to stake USC to an insurmountable 38-10 halftime lead. Two of the passes were perfectly thrown, one to tight end Dominique Byrd (a 1-handed over-the-shoulder catch) and the other to receiver Steve Smith (an unbelievable back of endzone sliding 1-handed catch with an Oklahoma defender holding Smith's nearest hand).

For his efforts Leinart was awarded the game MVP award, and tossed Oranges to fans and teammates during the postgame ceremony.

The final score was 55-19, and wasn't as close as that made it out to be. What a performance, indeed, one of the largest championship-game margins of victory, ever.

Matt's Orange Bowl Stats:
18-35 (.514%)
332 Yards
5 TD/0 INT
Orange Bowl MVP

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Matt Leinart Sports Illustrated Cover

You knew this was coming...

USC Trojans 2004-2005 National Champions!

Matt Leinart Orange Bowl MVP!

Great job USC and Matt Leinart!

Fight ON!!!!!!!

USC 55
Oklahoma 19

Back-To-Back Champs!

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's GameDay!

The USC Trojans opened the 2004-2005 college football season, playing Virginia Tech in the Black Coaches Association game.

Now they get to close the season, playing Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl.

Good luck to the USC Trojans and good luck to Matt Leinart!

Fight ON! ! ! ! ! ! !

Friday, December 31, 2004

This from the Beach Bash USC attended...

Matt rocking Dodger gear, along with backup Billy Hart and the eyes of linebacker Dallas Sartz

Loose as a goose, and twice as tall

All images courtesy the official Orange Bowl website

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Matt's Ready

The Trojans have arrived in Miami for the big game against Oklahoma.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Another Picture Of Matt and Ryan Davidson!

Matt gave that kid such a thrill when he came out to visit the team.